Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Money and Happyness...

 “Money and success don’t change people;
  They merely amplify what is already there.”
         -Will Smith

I believe, money, in itself, is a means to an end and not an end unto itself. (just like success is a journey and not a destination..)
This is an important distinction.

Have you heard of those really..really unhappy and *rich* people ? The ones that get depressed or get crazy and drink their lives away or kill themselves?
They are the people, at the first place, who thought that money would bring them happiness.

This is a myth.
Sure, money can help you buy nice things and open up all kinds of doors. But if you don’t have that happiness already, all money is going to do is...give you more sadness...or boredom.
It is an amplifier, and whatever you already feel(and have) will become more intense as you get more of it. This includes unhappiness.

I think...the pursuit of money is really silly.
Instead, it should be the pursuit of things and ideas that bring you money. And for the things that money can help you do or achieve.

To chase money for money’s sake...? Naah!

Do you believe the same?


News said...

I liked your post.'cuase the thought process here makes us step back & give importance to happiness. But we're so caught up in the race to earn more money & even more money that its become quite difficult to take the stand. As soon as we go away from this blog the usual activity we get ourself involved in is directly or indirectly involved with earning money.

But your blog post definitely motivates me to have slight changes in my routine so I have this different perspective.

Keep the good posts coming, Im waiting for your next post.

Indian Thoughts said...

absolutely right.