Friday, April 04, 2014

Organizational Hierarchy...

There is so much a simple street photography image can tell you.

For instance:

Source: unknown; credits due
  • the trainee, usually the youngest guy, starts by cleaning the tools and equipment. Probably allowed to install and uninstall the minor parts too.
  • the regular mechanic who knows how to do stuff when told what to do. Most of the work is done by such people.
  • the expert, I think the guy squatting and smoking, provides diagnostic and knowledge expertise but do little of the actual work himself, unless required.
  • the owner or customer keeping an eye on the work(ers).

Bonus: Writing on the wall.  "yahan poster lagana mana hai"  (it's forbidden to put up posters here). Rarely followed.
These are like corporate policies, may or may not be directly related to employee daily tasks. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

On Managing People...

1. The best way to manage people, is to persuade them that you are good for their careers.
2. The only way to get people to believe that you are good for their careers is actually to be good for their careers.

Friday, March 21, 2014


  • is nothing what it seems...
  • Moving forward/progressing would happen no matter what direction you take..
  • is filled with obstacles that repeat over the course of your life, but looking at things differently each time lets you explore opportunities you might have missed..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ideas are not stolen...Ambition is!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sawaal hi Sawaal...

It's that time for us..when parents deal with endless questions day-in-day-out.
And we make sure to enjoy this phase..just hope it stays though.

Sawaal Jawaab

वो वक़्त भी क्या वक़्त था
सवालों का छज्जा जवाबों से मिलता
हर मोढ़ पर एक ऑर सवाल इंतज़ार करता
जवाबों में ऑर सवाल ढूंढता
आस पास हो रहे फेर बदल ने
परत दर परत चढ़े अबोध ने
हरप्पा मोहेनजोदरो की सभ्यता की तरह
सवाल कहीं गहराई में दफ़ना दिए
जेबों में भरे सवालों को
किसी जेबकतरे ने चुरा लिया
जहाँ सवालों पर जवाबों की छूट थी
उस दुकान को क्यों बंद कर दिया
Source: Rajesh's Blog.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Believe in Schedule

Source: Image Search

..not because they are supposed to be accurate or they are 'right'.

But because, a schedule can:
   1. help track your work progress. Breaking a big piece of humongous work into small chunks and tracking against time.
   2. help encourage accountability, commitment and frequent communication.
   3. tie people together in a project and help them being part of the process.

It should not matter if your schedule is inaccurate or your project progress is not respecting your schedule.
Though, it does not mean it should not strive to make it as accurate as possible.
Try your best with this but it's more important to make sure you have a schedule.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mistakes are Useful..

..only if you learn from them.

And you can learn from them, only after you have admitted that you have committed one.

Blaming others (people, circumstances etc) for your mistakes means you are distancing yourself from the possible learning that might come your way.

If you have not committed mistakes in your life, you clearly lack experience.

IMHO, learning from your own mistakes requires few qualities.
Most important of them being, being able to role-play yourself in situations where you made mistakes. i.e able to go beyond denial mode.
Second, self-confidence that is needed to admit things.
Third, courage which is needed to bring changes.

So, In short:
1. Admit your mistakes. Be wise.
2. Make sure to make use of your mistakes. Learn from them.
3. & MOVE ON to next venture.

Remember: Mistakes are not shameful things.