Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think, we should always try to see things form other people’s perspective..This allows us to empathize even if we disagree.
Compassion, I believe, gives you room to relate with people because we no longer regard them as a drain/threat.

The alternate path is to be stubborn and adamant idiot…unwilling to consider anyone else’s opinions and needs…living in shear ignorance.  I have so many live examples around don’t ask more.

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Scandals said...

You can share some more instances or experiences of compassion & the positiveness it brings out.

Though lot of the blog readers will be more interested to read the stories of adamant unwilling to consider other's opinion kind of people.

As you may have experienced its hard to survive among such people. But when they too face hassles with similar person they may realise the pain too :)

Am I sounding confusing - the topic is a bit complicated to discuss.