Friday, February 13, 2009

(Ignorant) Morons Can Save Us..

Obama government just passed a stimulus package in US.

As I have read, experts say..this package will (in any way) not directly stimulate anything in the short term (and that's when we need it).
But, with some would probably manage to bamboozle a hundred million morons into thinking that their government did something useful...and...that in turn would cause them to be more confident and spend more...resulting in stimulating the economy.

The funny thing about this scheme is that it just might work.
Another interesting thing is that no one is trying to hide the fact that the entire plan depends on bamboozling the aggressively ignorant mass.
Whole sole aim is...get those bozos spending again, and if it requires a fraudulent stimulus package to get it be it.
Most people seem to be okay with that.

My theory says, smart people are actually(and ironically) incompetent if left to their own devices. They need stupids around to use their intelligence.
This is what is exactly happening here.
Just imagine...if the world was populated only with the smart and well-informed people..we would all sit waiting for someone else to spend money first...delegating risk..being smart.
Eventually..society would obviously crumble and all of us (geniuses) would be eaten by rats.
Now, if you throw a bunch of clueless ignorant morons into the will find economy is supercharged. Money flows...confidence warranted..and the economy flourishes.

Our past economic booms depended heavily on morons.
Those wonderful stimulators (morons) of the economy have to buy stocks in perpetually unprofitable companies..or invest in real estate when it is clearly overpriced.

Every economic boom is powered by the clueless.
I find no argument against why the next one should be different...except that the government is doing the bamboozling this time.

And...I like the word stimulus.

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