Friday, January 02, 2009

Bad Jokes...

GOD play cruel jokes with us..
He might allow you to be anything you can dream of..but there will always be a catch.

For instance, you might become a billionaire, but would end up loosing half of it somehow..or might have to serve jail for two years..

There is (and will) always be a catch.

Just before you read the whole story..consider the following conversation, almighty GOD might have had with still-born-to-be soul..

GOD: Its decided. You will be a billionaire.
Soul: wow!
GOD:'ll lose more than half of it... in few months.
Soul: ouch! .. I think it's fine..still a lot of money..I'll be rich anyways.
GOD:'ll have to go to jail for two years.
Soul: ??.. I knew it! It's a catch.
(Soul Thinking: It's only two
GOD: No. that's not the catch.
Soul: oh!
GOD: And your name will be..Anurag Dikshit.
Soul: He he! Good one. Seriously, what will my name be?
Universe: We're done here, Mr. Dikshit.

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