Sunday, May 27, 2007

Right Path...

Consider this...

You are all set to go for a long journey..and all the (so called) experts tell(ask/advise/instruct) you to take path-A..but you decide to take path-B ..
(may be...Seagull in you sparked...and you ended up following path-B).

You’re probably stupid.

But if you get lucky, and discover (for instance) a pot of gold along the *stupid* path..people will call you a leader.
You’ll still be stupid...but fewer people will feel the need to point that out...

When you’re in charge..there can not be much of rewards in following the expert's path. The best you'll achieve is the label “competent”.
The faintest of praise for you could be...“XYZ is competent”.
To me it sounds like...barely better than being incompetent.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be) is too complex to know for sure if taking path-A (or path-B) would work out best. Even the experts often get it wrong.

Having said that, this guarantees that a fair number of stupid people would be judged great leaders. They will take the wrong path and things will turn out right for them...

oh..btw, how are we defining stupidity (and who is doing this for us) anyways?

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