Saturday, April 22, 2006

Relaxed and Perplexed

Very often someone comes to my desk...I usually raise both my a relaxed fashion with my hands locked behined my head... leaning backwards on the chair...(dont know what is this supposed to mean in body language terms).
wondering...this should mean something...should propose a theory for this atleast... :)

So...when someone is talking to you...raises one of the arms...showing intutively feel one out of the two things...

1-> you raise your arm in order to show your armpits and both feel a plaseant sensation of showing them and sharing their natural *scents* (that means sharing thoughts...cooperation...friendship...equality... and what were you thinking I'm talking of ? :) )

2-> you instinctevely sniff the you were absorbing the scent of the one who has the arms raised. That should be a socially respectful manner to consider the one with arm/s raised as stronger...or wiser...or that moment. an even *more* relaxed (perplexed actually!) could raise *both* arms and show *both* armpits...that would mean an even more *comfortable* situation..and it is even more relaxing if you raise both of your arms too and continue the conversation...

So...just raise your arm when you feel you like on a conversation and observe the reactions!!!!!!

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Ritvik said...

Allan Pease might disagree with you. He suggests that this means you are in super comfort zone, exhibiting *know it all* attitude but I still believe it suggests “hey deep within I am no different from you ... see” and yes we are still taking about the