Sunday, August 14, 2005

Woke up just....

Woke up just now with a call from home.
Papa said its 11:44am what about breakfast,
now how shlould i tell him i never take bfast
it is not something worth spoiling my sleep.
Only two days i can eat..what ever crap they give..
so why to take risk its better to sleep.
In my terms..sleeping or doing something/reading/studying
is never a timewaste.
I remember in childhood dadaji use to teach,one should take bath ideally
before sunrise.Or atleast should be awake before
time when sun is right on the head say 8-9 am.

But i am sleeping in night at about 4 for last 20 days
so no chance to getup before 8.Irony is that first
thing i do is always to switch on my laptop,i haven't
brushed my teeth yet....:( now on orkut i should
include that i cant live withut my comp also..:D

I waste my all time on this dumb gadget made by
few intelligent humanoids.Last night i was reading
tragic story of "Rizwaan Butt" he was engaged
last month in second week of april but expired
on 1st May in a car accident.He was still replying
for the congratulation notes of his friends.Read all
what i possibly can get on orkut.He was very lively
person according to his friends and the scraps they
had written before and after his death.He was with
his fiancee for last five years,I really cant imagine
what mental states she might be going through.

I really dont know what to say,in such situations
people use to pray to god for you but dont have clue
for that also what should i ask for you from god.

Hope god will give you enough strength to bear
the loss.People start writing in his scrapbook just
after 20 minutes of his death.And then were normal
in their daily routine and enjoyment after few days.
Some said very aptly that people has very short
term memory.

I was cursing one of my mates for the whole day as he just
became extinct after taking my book.:((((

I really hate two words Please and Sorry.People
always use these for their own means.With one they
expect me to do anything for them with other they
can do anything with me..:(((

Its time now to brush my tooth..:D

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